Washington School

Washington School Music Department

(Music classes on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday)


Select Chorus

Thursdays at 7:30 A.M.


All 4th and 5th graders sing in the Chorus. We have a separate chorus for each grade and we rehearse during their weekly music class. This is the first choral and performing experience for the students. In rehearsals, students will learn and develop proper vocal technique for singing in a choral group setting. Students will also apply the knowledge and skills learned in general music to read and perform a variety of choral pieces. The Chorus performs with the Band and Orchestra at the Winter and Spring Concerts.

Instrumental Lessons

Instrumental lessons, offered to 4th and 5th grade students, are separate of their weekly music classes. Students who are learning an instrument receive an extra 30 minute small group lesson in an addition to a full ensemble recess rehearsal once a week with our instrumental teachers Mr. Gleason, for band, and Mr. Anderson, for Orchestra/Strings. More information about the instrumental program can be found on their websites. Websites and contact information are below.


All students have 45 minute special classes such as music, art, and physical education. These classes are incorporated into their weekly schedule. All students have music class once a week.

General Music

All 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade students attend a general music class. In this class, we will be learning lots of new songs, games, and dances. Your child will be singing, playing small instruments, listening to and moving to a variety of music from folk to classical. I encourage your children to share the songs and games they learn with you, your family and friends! We will be using these songs to learn how to read, write, improvise, listen to, understand, and appreciate music as well as learn more about our culture and other cultures through music. I hope your children come to enjoy singing as they learn about music and become excellent listeners as well as fantastic musicians!

While your child will play classroom instruments (tambourines, rhythms sticks, etc.) in this class, your child will not learn to play band or string instruments (violin, trumpet, etc.) Instrumental lessons are provided to interested students in 4th and 5th grade. However, students will develop the reading skills necessary to play these instruments in their general music class.